What is the 2016 Howard County Health Survey?
The 2016 Howard County Health Assessment Survey (HCHAS) is the third phase of an ongoing comprehensive health assessment, designed to learn more about the health of Howard County residents. The survey, which was previously conducted in 2012 and 2014, is a collaborative project of the Howard County Health Department, Horizon Foundation, Howard County General Hospital and Columbia Association.

What is the “Answer the Call” campaign?
The “Answer the Call” campaign is an effort to promote the active participation of Howard County residents in the 2016 HCHAS. The campaign stresses the need to obtain accurate health information for purposes of allocating resources and targeting services where they are needed most. The campaign stresses the usefulness of the survey in giving a voice to those who are not always heard.

Who will be calling?
Calls will be made by professional survey callers from OpinionWorks, a research and opinion polling firm based in Annapolis, MD. The firm was selected to develop and administer the Howard County Health Assessment Survey.

What should residents expect if called?
• Only residents age 18 and over will be asked to participate.
• Calls will be made to both landlines and cell phones.
• Residents will be contacted by professional survey callers, who will conduct the survey in English or Spanish.
• Calls will be made during daytime hours and will as brief as possible.
• The call is confidential and all respondents will remain anonymous.

What kinds of questions does the survey ask?
The survey is comprised of several questions that cover a number of health priorities. The topics were selected to gather data on health behaviors, access to health care, demographical health disparities and progress on local implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

I’m on the “Do Not Call” list, can you call me?
Yes. The Do Not Call List applies to companies trying to market products to consumers. We are calling for a health survey and are not marketing any products.

How many people will be surveyed?
Interviews from at least 2,000 adults across Howard County are needed to accurately represent the demographics of the county’s population.

How do I participate?
In May and June 2016 phone calls will be made to Howard County adults selected at random to participate in the survey. They will receive calls from a professional survey caller. The caller ID will read “HC Health Survey.”

Why should I participate?
By participating in the HCHAS, you can directly contribute to improving healthcare and education in your community. Your answers will help local leaders make decisions on how to improve access to care, by focusing on what is most essential to the community.

How will the survey results be used?
Results of the HCHAS will provide valuable information to local leaders and health providers. The data will be used by the four community partners to conduct local health needs assessments, set agendas for local health action, measure the impact of efforts to reduce health disparities, and ensure that the local health system can respond quickly and effectively to the emerging health needs of county residents.